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Tinted Windows

Windows tinting has over the years became very popualr with owners of a varity of cars and reasons for tinting them. Anglesey Auto Tint has an extensive range of films designed to meet all your needs.

Apart from styling there are many other reasons for having your windows tinted. Anglesey Auto Tints film applied to your windows reduces glare and heat especially important if children or pets are carried in the car.

Demand for safety is also on the increase and films applied to the glass make it much harder for unwanted guests to break, and the darker films applied to the rear not only provide privecy for your passangers, but make it much harder to see in, reducing the risk of your contents being stolen,

"Poor quality films are cheap; anyone can buy them do you really want to?"

Tinting your vehicle should be a serious investment. The price of a cheap installation and cheap films is one few of us should be willing to pay. Excellence in product, installation and long term performance should be every ones priority.

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